Mission success demands innovation combined with a unique insight and an understanding of operations.

When it comes to protecting lives there is no room for error and that’s why FDS is a recognised preferred provider of ballistic protection for a wide range of customers including military Special Forces, Police and government agencies.

What we do

We are a UK-based specialist manufacturer of mission critical products and bespoke engineering solutions. Our portfolio includes assault ladders, Vehicle Borne Intervention Systems (VBIS), ballistic protection, protected structures, armouries, gun safes, deployable infrastructure, breaching + method of entry equipment and specialist vehicle and containerised installations each bespoke to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.


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Working across a range of sectors

Defence forces, military, and special forces units depend on innovation and dependable capabilities to protect their personnel and ensure mission success and provide a tactical advantage. From concept design through to production of equipment and delivery of training, we offer tailor made solutions.


With our global HQ and R&D centre of excellence at Fareham, near Portsmouth, our group’s capability covers assignments in more than 40 countries.

Latest Updates

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Company News 28 March 2023

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Company News 02 March 2023

INKAS® Sentry TIV (Tactical Intervention Vehicle) Released in Collaboration with UK-based Force Development Services

Company News 02 March 2023

Force Development Services Launches new EOD Mission POD

Company News 23 November 2022