Established in 2009, Force Development Services Ltd (FDS) is a UK registered company uniquely structured to provide a wide spectrum of discreet, innovative and expert consultancy services to enable capability development in key areas such as equipment and training.


What makes us different


FDS recognises the operating environment is one of continuous evolution; and the subsequent need for force elements to maximise capability through the performance of their personnel and equipment is fundamental to ensuring success in this uncertain, but dynamic global economy. Our extensive military experience in varied operational scenarios and our long standing relationships with world recognised and respected organisations ensure FDS remain at the forefront for delivering cost effective solutions to meet the ever growing demand for capability development.


What we do


Our philosophy is simply to help our clients improve equipment performance and achieve enhanced operational capability through;


  • Providing rapid research and development on selected projects

  • Improved tactical intervention capabilities through product development

  • Providing insight and innovation to user requirements

  • Maximise experience through our worldwide network


FDS acquired Camlock Tactical Systems (Camlock Engineering Ltd – previously established for 30 years) in 2011 and our portfolio now includes the design, manufacture and production of bespoke vehicle borne assault systems, tactical assault ladders and ballistic protection. FDS is a leading global business recognised for the design and provision of tactical intervention systems to forces worldwide.

Our business is helping to make your capability more focused, more efficient, and more effective.