We recognise that you need tailor-made answers to your problems. In our world – as in yours – one size does not fit all.

If you are seeking to replace or upgrade equipment portfolios, looking for product innovations or enhancements, or need an audit to explore opportunities, look no further.

Our capabilities cover a spectrum of disciplines as you would expect from a diverse and expert team. We are proud to have more than 100 years of combined knowledge and a track record as pioneers in helping our clients to make truly informed decisions often leading to equipping them with unrivalled capability.

Innovation: R&D

Innovation drives us.

Our technology and development of an unrivalled product and service portfolio across the group is built on a bedrock of evidence-based R&D. A need for constant innovation - in addition to trusted mission proven tactical equipment – has enabled us to retain our competitive edge. We have access to UK-based testing facilities, augmented where necessary by operational testing in theatre, ensures that we remain at the forefront of innovation and the first choice for military and police customers worldwide. 

As a world-class protection consultancy and solutions business, we have earned an enviable reputation for our understanding of the problem space and our ability to rapidly innovate a solution. Based on the ethos that one size does not fit all, we are continuously challenging conventional approaches, enhancing and innovating to ensure that our customers benefit from the latest thinking. We augment customer funded projects with our own internal research and development resources which both helps to future-proof our core business and provides our customers with accelerated progress through the technology readiness levels.

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Bespoke solution design

Made to measure.

Because we understand that no one size fits all, our capability builds in problem-solving protocols into our design approach. We collaborate with customers and can develop a design for engineered solutions to meet specific requirements.

Design for manufacture

Prepared with precision.

Our solutions benefit from the fact that our designs process starts at the early concept stage and through active collaboration with our in-house engineering teams we have a comprehensive understanding of the entire manufacturing process. Our multidisciplinary team including engineers and materials scientists, provide solutions, products and, services for customers worldwide.


Customer focused.

We first establish the needs of our customers and then analyse how best our products and solutions can deliver a successful outcome for the customer. Our in-house capability comprises bespoke and specialist manufacture.  This approach to tailoring solutions to each customer extends to our product development and production to order, either as volume or smaller batches. 


Our in-house textiles team have built up considerable knowledge and expertise in the innovative use of textile materials. As well as manufacturing complex items that augment the performance of many of our tactical solutions in the field, our highly skilled team undertake the bespoke design and manufacture of fabric-based products for multiple defence, security, transport and emergency services organisations. With a reputation for delivering high quality, our team pride themselves on placing their customers front and centre and striving to make a difference.

Sub-System Integration and Test

Proof of performance.

Our customers expect stringent testing and verification of products. We ensure that products are tested not just in a specialist test facility but also in an operational environment either as a stand-alone solution or as part of a much larger integrated system. We are well versed in working with systems integrators and can provide references from world leading integrators. principals have a proven track record of leading and delivering research and development programmes. In the last 10 years, our principals have led programmes of the following types:

  • Managing testing programmes for Government bodies.
  • Managing and executing programmes for private companies.
  • Initiating, managing, and executing in-house R&D programmes.

Integrator partnering

Trusted partners.

Our team including senior execs have an enviable track record of working for major defence and security integrators and in partnership with them. That expertise has enabled us to develop not just strong relationships, but to understand how to create enduring partnerships with supply chains, from R&D and tailoring through to volume manufacture. This approach helps to ensure consistency and excellence in the provision of solutions for customers.


Close up and personal.

Working closely with the client, we apply our experience in weapons effects and knowledge of mitigation measures together with our expert team, including former serving military and police personnel, to advise our clients with a body of evidence upon which to select the most beneficial solution that will satisfy the mission objective.

Ballistic consulting and testing:

Our ballistic consultants possess a unique range of real-life, practical experience from military and civilian sectors. Including blast, security and survivability: From hand-held weapons through to IED blast and anti-tank munitions. Our highly qualified and experienced team have worked extensively with UK agencies and test houses. Experts in design, testing and integration of composite armour solutions. We provide civilian security and infrastructure solutions. In addition, we can advise and produce threat analysis based on detailed experience of real-world scenarios.

Our specialist consultants have worked with UK and European police forces, MODs scientific organisations and agencies. Our consultancy services include design, test and evaluation, vulnerability analysis and advice, third party reviews and expert witness statements. Every customer receives full test certification upon purchase of any products or materials. Our products are tested to the highest standards, at independent testing facilities. For threat mitigation assignments, visit www.enspiresolutions.co.uk.

Through life support

Our goal is to build enduring partnerships with our customers. We are not just driven to produce innovative products to solve a customer’s operational challenge, but to importantly provide full lifecycle support including spares, maintenance, training and modifications or replacements. 

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