FDS is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture specialised tactical ladders and have a proven track record for quality, lightweight construction, durability and robustness. 


FDS ladders are in operational service in over 30 counties and designed for use directly from the ground or mounted from vehicles and operated from maritime craft.  FDS ladders are typically used for tactical intervention and emergency response operations to gain entry into aircraft, ships, trains, trams, buses, coaches and buildings.  


FDS ladders are manufactured from structural aluminium with a proprietary serrated rung pattern giving excellent grip to the operative even in poor conditions, and are finished in polyester powder coating.

FDS extensive ranges of ladders are specifically designed to meet the requirement of the following sectors: 

Accessories designed for FDS ladders: 

* Other sizes available, please contact us with your requirements. All ladders manufactured by FDS.

Police and Law Enforcement Agencies

An extensive range designed for use by police and law enforcement officers who are required to conduct operations in hazardous and challenging conditions. The law enforcement ladders are designed for duel ground use and for mounting to intervention vehicles and ramps for hostage rescue and Counter Terrorist intervention.  


Military Tactical and Urban Warfare Assault Ladders

Designed for the robust and challenging conditions associated with Counter Terrorist (CT) and urban warfare operations. The Military range is designed for dual use and equally effective when used in the ground role or when mounting to vehicles. 


Maritime Boarding Ladders

A range of fixed and flexible ladders designed for use within the challenging environments found at sea and on major navigable rivers for use by maritime / river police, and military and marine boarding teams.  


Civilian Security, Search and Rescue

A range of maritime and land ladders designed for port authorities and security search  teams who require ladders in specialised configurations for robust use that is beyond the safe and effective capability of standard commercial products.  Within this range is a nonconductive search ladder for search and rescue within areas that may have live or damaged electric cables present.     

Operator safety is of paramount importance to FDS and our product testing ensures continued operational performance in the most demanding conditions.

During the development of all products, destructive testing is carried out to ensure all our designs are correctly evaluated for both structural integrity and long term durability.

Safe working loads for equipment are defined by destructive testing data; the application of a minimum safety factor of three and subsequent testing to establish a safe working point where no permanent distortion takes place.









Safety when working at heights

FDS will advise you of each ladder’s Working Load Limit (WLL).  This is the maximum load that can be applied to the ladder (including dynamic forces and shock loadings).   Exceeding the limit will cause permanent damage to or failure of the ladder, which may result in injury to the user.

The Working Load Limit is always specified at the optimum and correct 75 degree climbing angle (with the exception of marine boarding ladders). If this angle is reduced the Working Load Limit of the ladder will be reduced.

We recommend that an additional safety system is adopted by all ladder users to restrain the user in the event of a fall.  Locking pins secured and used on ladder sections meet the ladder safe working load specification.



Ladder Cushion Rest

Part number: CEL1971

The ladder cushion rest is a laminated foam rubber shaped rest that fits to the top ends on a ladder.  The cushion rests provide noise reduction, protection to the ladder and protection to the objective.

Ladder Side Step

Part number: CPN6001

The detachable side step can be mounted to the outer  frame  of  the  ladder  to  allowpersonnel  to  move  outside  the main  ladder  frame.  The  step  is only  suitable  for  wider  (0.813m) FDS ladders and can be fitted to both the left and right hand side.

Stand Off Platforms

Part number: CEL1984 (specify ladder type and size when ordering)

Stand off platforms can be secured to the top of all freestanding ladders, to provide ladder stand off (not a working  platform)  from  the  objective.     The  stand  off platform aids the user access from the ladder top to the objective and from the objective to the ladder top.Ladders must be fitted with internal inserts to permit the stand off platform to be fitted and secured to the ladder.  The stand off platform internal ladder inserts are fitted during the manufacturing process and cannot be fitted to existing ladders.

Training and safety strap

Part number: CEL1972-5

The training safety strap  is  for use with the ladder systems for the safe raising and lowering of ladders.

Velcro Ladder Strap

Part number: 1004-1001-1002

Supplied with all new multi-level extension ladders to secure the sliding ladder section to the base ladder section preventing the auto- swing       safety       clutch       from disengaging. The strap is secured to the ladder with press studs.

Multi surface grips

Part number: ANC-002-MSG

Movable rubber feet

Part number: ANC-002-MRF

Foot platforms / breachers step

Aircraft gumtry

Aircraft Handbook

Part number: CPN6003

The  Aircraft  Handbook  provides  information  detailing  door  heights,  seat layouts and door opening procedures in the event that immediate action needs to be taken without prior access to similar aircraft.

The  handbook  covers  over  40  aircraft  and  70  variants  including  Boeing, Airbus, DC and MD aircraft.

Sample layout:












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5.43 m

7.77 m

7.47 m

Vertical Clearances, Model A300 – 600

   Operating Weight Empty                Maximum Ramp Weight


                                    CG 25%                        CG 15%                  CG 34%