Law Enforcement


FDS has worked closely with Law Enforcement Officers to design and provide solutions for Tactical Intervention, allowing the Officer to carry out his operation whilst being able to deal directly and swiftly with armed criminals; FDS provide;






Equipment for Pre-Planned Operations


FDS supply a large range of Method of Entry Tools which are designed to ensure a quick breach of the outer fabric of the structure of the building to allow Officers to gain expedient access to carry out their lawful duties. 




FDS has a wide range of Ballistic protection solutions, known as MASS (Modular Armour Shield Systems) and MAPS (Modular Armour Protection Systems)




Is a unique rapidly deployable Armour emplacement solution which is operated by Law Enforcement groups providing a protected position against ballistics.  The systems are lightweight, adaptable, ergonomic to handle and easily re-locatable.  These systems are primarily used in High Risk areas to provide a check point/ entry point locations such as, Embassies, Government Buildings, Royal Residences, Airport Security and Dockside ports.  These systems are especially effective when deployed for short term events requiring quick protection capability at High Profile summits and Conferences.




These personal shields have been designed specifically for Firearms Officers to Tactically Advance into a major incident where they are dealing with a potential armed criminal. It allows for the officer to advance with protection and actively engage and respond. Our shields are lightweight, ergonomic and have been designed to be operated in confined spaces within buildings, ships, tunnels, aircraft and underwater diving. Our shields are buoyancy neutral for approaching targets from under water or on the officers back whilst climbing up or descending from a rope or ladder. They are easily stowed in vehicles and watercraft for rapid deployment. Various levels of ballistic protection are available for these shields.


Rapid Access


Vehicle Borne Intervention Systems and Specialised Ladders;

In use in over 30 countries in the World, FDS have a proven track record in providing Law Enforcement / Counter Terrorist Teams with Specialised Ladders systems;


VBIS (Vehicle Borne Intervention Systems)


FDS Vehicle Borne Intervention Systems are designed and used to enable the Tactical Intervention Teams to gain rapid access onto and into high rise targets such as buildings and aircraft doors.  Mounted on a variety of vehicle platforms the systems allow for the rapid approach of a dedicated team onto the target.  The systems are equipped with numerous platforms such as Front Ramp, Tactical Ladder, Aircraft Gantry, allowing access to 3rd/4th Storey structures in Urban Environments. The system can easily reach large aircraft such as the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747.


For deployment over fences and high walls, our Fast Rope systems are used to allow the Officer to view prior to engagement.


FDS offer a full training and support packages, including yearly servicing and maintenance checks if required.




FDS have an extensive range of Ladders which are designed for Law Enforcement users.  The ladders come in numerous sizes and weights  for Officers who are required to conduct operations in hazardous and challenging conditions. They are primarily used for Tactical Assualt and Intervention for upper floor and forced entry drills for Search and Rescue, Counter Terrorist Invention and Hostage Rescue.


FDS also make a Non Conductive Search Ladder for areas that may present an electricution risk