Military Sector


FDS solutions are specifically designed to support military operations providing;







Enhanced protection for operators in defensive strongholds



FDS Modular Armour Protection Systems (MAPS) provide a wide range of rapid deployable protective emplacements in support of infantry units under direct or indirect fire threats. The MAPS SENTRY is design to provide protection to two-three operatives. In the front line it enables target engagement from a static position, in the support lines it can provide protection to tactically  placed  mortar  teams.   The MAPS CITADEL can provide a protective envelope around field deployed ammunition storage pallets or tactical command posts. For key strongholds the MAPS PEGASUS will provide protection for tripod mounted weapons teams.





Enabling rapid access for CT assault teams onto high rise targets, across barriers and onto maritime vessels



FDS Vehicle Borne Intervention Systems (VBIS) are designed to enable military tactical intervention teams rapid access onto high rise targets such as buildings and aircrafts. Mounted on multiple ranges of vehicle platforms, the system enables the rapid approach of a dedicated team onto the target. Equipped with numerous access platforms such as the Forward Assault Ramp or the Tactical Assault Ladder the teams are able to access 3rd and 4th story structures in urban environments and large aircraft such as Boeing 747-400 and the Airbus A380. Equipped with the Fast Rope System, the VBIS enables teams to rapidly overcome vertical defensive obstacles such as high rise walls and fences.


FDS vast range of Tactical Ladders are designed specifically for the harsh conditions of military warfare. With over 30 types of specialist ladder configurations, FDS tactical ladders are design to support multiple access platforms including boarding vessels during deep sea operation or takeover and entry of structures.




Providing personal protection for operatives in direct line of fire



FDS Modular Armour Shield Systems (MASS) are specifically designed to protect soldiers during active engagement missions. The lighweight and ergonomic construction allow operatives unhindered manouverability through confined restrictive hostile environments on land and sea  whilst under fire.  

The unique harness design frees both hands to allow a rapid ascent /descent of ladders and weapon/ammunition changes whilst maintaining user protection.

Modular Armour Protection System