Ladder configurations

For Law Enforcement Agencies, Military and Civilian Search and Rescue applications:


The Marine Boarding Ladder was first developed for a specific boat/ship application and entered service in 2003 with naval boarding teams covering three continents.


This single section ladder hangs vertically from an objective e.g. handrails or kick plates by utilising the top section. The main body of the ladder is sealed to allow the ladder to become buoyant if accidentally lost overboard. The optional bottom flexible ladder section is shock resistant to prevent damage to the RIB.


Manufactured from structural aluminium or manufactured from GRP composite. The Working Load Limit (WLL) for twin upright-stiles is 360kg for triple upright-stiles 410kg and come as COTS products in black, grey, olive green, desert tan or orange.  The twin upright-stiles GRP composite is 350kg and comes as COTS product in yellow.


Ladder Size                                                     Part              Weight

                                                                        Number        Kg


1.00m x 0.46m (262mm hook)                     MBL5007

1.50m x 0.46m (262mm hook)                     MBL5006

2.00m x 0.46m (262mm hook)                     MBL5005      10

3.00m x 0.46m (262mm hook)                     MBL5001      13


2.00m x 0.39m (412mm hook)                     MBL5015

3.00m x 0.39m (412mm hook)                     MBL5010


1.00m x 0.460m flexible wire extension         MBL5025      2

1.50m x 0.460m flexible wire extension         MBL5026

2.00m x 0.460m flexible wire extension         MBL5027

Lower Flexible Ladder