FDS MASS Shields are modular multiple role personnel protection shields. MASS shields have been specifically designed for the operators conducting missions and training within a dynamic environment.  


Initially designed for tactical military users tasked with conducting ship boarding operations the ergonomic designs have proven very effective for Tactical Firearms Units (TFU), Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) crews and Specialist Police teams who need to conduct confined space entry drills and searches in subterranean tunnels, attic roof spaces and similar areas. 


The MASS shield is designed to be carried by operators that are tasked to enter restricted spaces within buildings, ships holds (ship searches), confined walkways, trains and aircraft.  In addition they provide the user with ergonomic carriage and the ability for climbing ladders or covering long distances over rough ground.


FDS MASS shields are in operational service with a number of ARV and TFU teams worldwide and have proven an effective and valuable aid for all Counter Terror (CT), law enforcement and military forces, that require the operators to rapidly approach an adversary in the open or within a confined area.

Ergonomic Design

The MASS ergonomic harness system has evolved from extensive development with operational users. MASS are designed so that they  can be carried on one arm without the need to hold the hand grip even while ascending or descending ladders. The unique hands free carriage on the arm allows the user to conduct normal weapon stoppage drills, reloads etc, whilst caring the shield.  The modular harness incorporates its own shoulder straps allowing the user to carry on their back whilst fast roping from helicopters.  A ballistic shock absorber is incorporated into the design in order to attenuate shock transfer to the operators arm while taking impacts to the shield. 


Main shield width dimension enables the operation in aircraft and train walkways as well as marine and submarine vessles and other confined locations.

Optional deployable side shield extend the protection to the user while providing weapon support for main weapon or side-arm. The side shield can be folded onto the front shield’s face to increase its resistance to multiple shots or higher threats.

Main shield includes various hand grips and harness options to fit different roles of operation. The main forearm retention strap includes shock attenuation system to prevent trauma on impact. Grab handles are located to support both right and left handed firers a modular / optional back harness straps can be added to all types of MASS shields. An optional back hang straps can be added to any shield.

Optional deployable lower shield extends the height of the main shield. The hinged connection enable the shield to adapt its position enabling the operator to assume a crouching position while fully protected and without ergonomic difficulties. The lower shield can be folded onto the main shield to increase its protection level.

The shield front side of the shield can have a MOLLE finish or plain cordura texure. A Velcro patch is provided for signage attachment, additional optional kit pouches for modular attachment are available. Additional optional equipment includes lights, pouches etc.


Single Shield (SS) 

Armed Response Vehicle and Tactical Intervention Shield (ARV & TIS)

Maritime Boarding Shield (MBS) 

FDS MASS modular design approch allows us to deliver custom custom build shields for mission specific requirements.


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Provides protection against multiple assault rifles armed with 5.56 steel core/tip ammunition. Advanced armour level can be achieved by a single shield independently or by folding the “Standard” shield configuration.


Provides protection against shotguns and multiple assault rifles armed with lead core 7.62 mild steel core and 5.56 lead core bullets.


Provides protection against handguns and pistols as well as 9mm sub-machine guns.


Basic Ballistic Protection


FDS MASS utilises the most advanced light weight armour technologies to achieve maximum protection without restricting the users ability to operate. To ensure maximum operational and cost efficiency, MASS is supplied in either “Basic”, “Standard” or “Advance” ballistic levels as follows:


Standard Ballistic Protection 


Advance Ballistic Protection 


Modular Folding Side and Lower Sections


Allows for easy movement while pushing into and climbing through confined debris and obstacles. During operational use the shield is attached on the outer forearm and allows both hands free to conduct normal weapon stoppage drills, reloads, etc.




MASS can easily be carried for long distances, even when conducting tactical movements and insertions over hostile terrain. The MASS incorporates the leading edge ballistic technology to deliver the lightest and most efficient solutions. 




The shields can be swam with whilst attached or floating alongside the diver / swimmer operator and is a major safety factor for operators conducting maritime boarding operations.




Folding sectional design makes MASS easy to carry within confined areas. Even the large shields configurations do not restrict the user in either standing or crouching positions.