Defence forces, military, and special forces units depend on innovation and dependable capabilities to protect their personnel and ensure mission success and provide a tactical advantage. From concept design through to production of equipment and delivery of training, we offer tailor made solutions including:

Providing personal protection for operatives in direct line of fire.

Our Modular Armour Shield Systems (MASS) are specifically designed to protect dismounted soldiers during active engagements. The lightweight and ergonomic construction enables operatives unhindered manoeuvrability through confined and restrictive hostile environments on land and sea whilst providing maximum protection. The unique harness design frees both hands to allow a rapid ascent /descent of ladders and weapon/ammunition changes whilst maintaining maximum protection.

Enhanced protection for operators in defensive strongholds.

Our Modular Armour Protection Systems (MAPS) patented technology provides a wide range of rapid deployable protective emplacements in support of infantry units against the threat from direct or indirect fire. MAPS SENTRY is designed to provide protection for two-three operatives. On the front line, it enables target engagement from a static position, in the support lines it provides protection for tactically placed mortar teams. MAPS CITADEL provides a protection envelope around field deployed ammunition storage pallets or tactical command posts. For key strongholds, MAPS PEGASUS provides protection for tripod mounted weapons operators.

Enabling rapid access for CT assault teams onto high rise assets, across barriers and onto maritime vessels.

Our range of rapidly deployable Vehicle Borne Intervention Systems (VBIS) are supporting teams globally enabling military tactical intervention teams' rapid access onto high rise targets such as buildings and aircraft. Straightforward integration with multiple vehicle platform types, our systems enable a safe covert rapid approach and assault of the target. Equipped with numerous access platforms, such as our Forward Assault Ramp and the Tactical Assault Ladder, teams can access 3rd and 4th story structures in urban environments and large aircraft such as Boeing 747-400 and the Airbus A380. Equipped with the Fast Rope System, and Universal Bridge System the VBIS enables operatives to rapidly overcome vertical defensive obstacles such as high-rise walls and fences.

Our vast range of unmatched Tactical Ladders are designed specifically for the harsh conditions likely to be encountered for military use. With over 30 types of specialist ladder configurations, our tactical ladders have been designed to support multiple access platforms including boarding vessels underway during deep sea operations or takeover and entry of structures. We can design and manufacture bespoke tactical ladders specifically matched to the customer’s operational and mobility requirements.

Ballistic protection for naval and marine vessels.

We design manufacture and install tailor-made protection kits for your vessel or your high-speed marine craft. Full vulnerability analysis and the customers performance requirements are always considered when designing a protection solution. We offer complete project management for the design, manufacture and integration of armour protection solutions for naval and maritime applications. We are agnostic when it comes to the raw armour material itself and can therefore offer customers truly optimised protection solutions. With an extensive understanding of the need for a balance between weight, level of protection, knowledge of the NATO STANAG and the customer’s operational imperatives, our engineers are actively engaged in designing, manufacturing, and installing applique armour kits for the protection of multiple defence and law enforcement vessels.

Marine boarding ladder
Marine boarding ladder

Ballistic consulting and testing.

Our ballistic consultants possess a unique range of real-life, practical experience from military and civilian sectors, including blast, security and survivability: From hand-held weapons through to IED blast and anti-tank munitions. Our highly qualified and experienced team have worked extensively with UK agencies and test houses. Experts in design, testing and integration of composite armour solutions. We provide civilian security and infrastructure solutions. In addition, we can advise and produce threat analysis based on detailed experience of real-world scenarios.

Our specialist consultants have worked with UK and European police forces, MODs scientific organisations and agencies. Our consultancy services include design, test and evaluation, vulnerability analysis and advice, third party reviews and expert witness statements. Every customer receives full test certification upon purchase of any products or materials. Our products are tested to the highest standards, at independent testing facilities.

Custom built Part-Task trainers for operational and tactical training.

We have an experienced team of hardware and software engineers that can analyse, design and manufacture bespoke engineering solutions that satisfy customers land, sea or air training needs. We produce solutions that can be either platform specific or custom-built to satisfy a variety of operational requirements.

Our training solutions realistically replicate operational systems and enable trainees to become competent and confident prior to advancing to live operational situations.

Equipping customers with bespoke special-to-role vehicle and trailer installations.

Our engineers have decades of experience designing, building and delivering bespoke special-to-role vehicle and trailer installations for military customers on an international scale. Whether it be for EOD; Command and Control; Surveillance; Communications or Counter-Drone, we are platform agnostic and will work closely with the client throughout all phases to ensure a successful outcome.

Containerised deployable solutions.

Whether the requirement is for a bespoke design and build structure or a tailored ISO container, our engineers deliver solutions, often drawing upon RSES expertise from our sister company, that enable customers to achieve operational success.

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