Ladder configurations


Ladder Size                   Part Number          Weight Kg


1.00m x 0.345m            CAL3001              3.0

1.50m x 0.345m            CAL3003             5.0

2.00m x 0.345m            CAL3005             6.0

2.50m x 0.345m             CAL3007             8.0

3.00m x 0.345m            CAL3009             9.0

3.50m x 0.345m            CAL3011             11.0

4.00m x 0.345m            CAL3012             12.0


1.00m x 0.460m            CAL3013             3.0

1.50m x 0.460m            CAL3015             5.0

2.00m x 0.460m            CAL3017             6.0

2.50m x 0.460m            CAL3019             8.0

3.00m x 0.460m            CAL3021             9.0

3.50m x 0.460m            CAL3023             11.0

4.00m x 0.460m            CAL3024             13.0


1.00m x 0.670m            CAL3025             4.0

1.50m x 0.670m            CAL3027             6.0

2.00m x 0.670m            CAL3029             7.0

2.50m x 0.670m            CAL3031             9.0

3.00m x 0.670m            CAL3033             11.0

3.50m x 0.670m            CAL3035             13.0

4.00m x 0.670m            CAL3036             14.0


1.25m x 0.750m            CAL3027B

1.50m x 0.750m            CAL3027C

1.00m x 0.813m            CAL3037             4.0

1.50m x 0.813m            CAL3039             6.0

2.00m x 0.813m            CAL3041             8.0

2.50m x 0.813m            CAL3043             10.0

3.00m x 0.813m            CAL3045             12.0

3.50m x 0.813m            CAL3047             14.0

4.00m x 0.813m            CAL3048             16.0

Single section (twin stile) ladders with a WLL of 360kg at 75 degrees