Anyone who has experience of operations understands the vital importance of equipment you can rely on.

There is no option for second guessing when it comes to protecting lives from physical and ballistics threats. Often the first line of defence and providing life preserving protection, armoured shields must adhere to strict safety tolerances, our MASS Shields are modular multiple role personnel protection shields, specifically designed for operators conducting missions and training within a dynamic environment. For more information on our MASS Shields, please download our datasheets:

Modular Armoured Shield Systems (MASS)

Initially designed for tactical military users tasked with conducting ship boarding operations, the ergonomic designs have proven highly effective for Tactical Firearms Units (TFU), Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) teams and Specialist Police teams who need to conduct confined space entry drills and searches in subterranean tunnels, attic roof spaces and similar areas. 

The MASS shield is designed to be used by operators tasked to enter restricted spaces within buildings, ships hold (ship searches), confined walkways, trains and aircraft.  In addition, they provide the user with ergonomic carriage and the ability to climb ladders, abseil and fast rope, and cover long distances over rough ground.

Our range of modular MASS ballistic shields can be supplied equipped with the addition of weapon rests, tactical lights (with Infra-Red capability) and cameras.

Our MASS shields are in operational service with Armed Response Vehicle ARV and Tactical Firearms Unit (TFU) teams worldwide and have proven an effective and valuable aid for all Counter Terror (CT), law enforcement and military forces, that require the operators to rapidly approach an adversary in the open or within a confined area. For more information, please download our datasheet.

All of our ballistic shields are bespoke in that they are designed, manufactured and tested to satisfy our customers' operational and protection level requirements. To further give our customers confidence, we test and certify our shields in accordance with the UK Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST), Portable Ballistic Protection for UK Police (2011), US National Institute of Justice NIJ Standard 0108.01 and NATO STANAG standards.

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Ballistic protection

MASS utilises the most advanced light weight armour technologies to achieve maximum protection without restricting the user’s ability to operate. To ensure maximum operational and cost efficiency, MASS is supplied in the following ballistic protection levels.

Ballistic protection level
Provides protection against handguns and pistols as well as 9mm sub-machine guns.
Provides protection against shotgun and rifle rounds, 7.62 lead core, mild steel core and 5.56 lead core bullets.
Provides protection against multiple assault rifles armed with 5.56 steel core/tip ammunition. Advanced armour level can be achieved by a single shield independently or by folding the “Standard” shield configuration.

Folding sectional design makes MASS easy to carry within confined areas and deploying from vehicles. Even the large shields configurations do not restrict the user in either standing or crouching positions.


Users can swim without restriction and the shields can be attached or float alongside the diver / swimmer operator and is a major safety factor for operators conducting maritime boarding operations.


MASS can easily be carried for long distances, even when conducting tactical movements and insertions over hostile terrain. The MASS incorporates the leading-edge ballistic technology to deliver lightweight and most efficient solutions.

Modular folding side and lower sections

Allows for easy movement while pushing into and climbing through confined debris and obstacles. During operational use the shield is attached on the outer forearm and allows both hands free to conduct normal weapon stoppage drills, reloads, etc.

Ergonomic design

Evolved from extensive development with operational users. MASS are designed so that they can be carried on one arm without the need to hold the hand grip even while ascending or descending ladders. The unique hands-free function allows the user to conduct normal weapon stoppage drills, reloads etc, whilst caring the shield.  The modular harness incorporates its own shoulder straps allowing the user to carry on their back whilst fast roping or abseiling. A ballistic shock absorber is incorporated into the design to attenuate shock transfer to the operators arm while taking impacts to the shield.

Optional deployable lower shield

Optional deployable lower shield extends the height of the main shield. The hinged connection enables the shield to adapt its position enabling the operator to assume a crouching position while fully protected and without ergonomic difficulties. The lower shield can be folded onto the main shield to increase its protection level.

Width dimension

Main shield width dimension enables the operation in aircraft and train walkways as well as marine and submarine vessels and other confined locations.

Optional extras

The front side of the shield can have a MOLLE finish or plain cordura texture. A Velcro patch is provided for signage attachment, additional optional kit pouches for modular attachment are available. Additional optional equipment includes lights, pouches etc. Optional deployable side shield extends the protection to the user while providing weapon support for main weapon or side-arm. The side shield can be folded onto the front shield’s face to increase its resistance to multiple shots or higher threats.

Harness options

Main shield includes various hand grips and harness options to fit different roles of operation. The main forearm retention strap includes shock attenuation system to prevent trauma on impact. Grab handles are located to support both right- and left-handed firers a modular / optional back harness straps can be added to all types of MASS shields. An optional back hang straps can be added to any shield.


Armed Response Vehicle and Tactical Intervention Shield (ARV - TIS)

The ARV - TIS is a modular multi-role shield that has been designed to fulfil the operational roles of Armed Response Vehicle and Tactical Intervention Teams. A carry harness system ensures that the shield is always with the operator during a protracted deployment and can be carried safely whilst climbing or fast roping. Furthermore, Two shields can be joined together to provide a long-shield ballistic protection.

Multi-Role Shield (MRS)

This shield type incorporates all of the ergonomic features embodied in the MASS range. The MRS is a variation of the ARV-TIS design but provides a greater area of protection for the Officer and their support team. Similar to our other shields, the MRS can be bespoke manufactured to satisfy specific mission requirements, such as the containment and searching of buildings and other structures.

Maritime Boarding Shield (MBS)

The MBS is a three-part shield that has been specifically designed for users that have to conduct operations within a marine environment and is therefore neutrally buoyant. The harness is fitted with quick release fastenings that provide additional safety.


This shield includes various hand grips and harness options to suit different types of mission. The modular nature of the shield design allows for the attachment of side and ancillary tactical equipment, typically lights, cameras, radios, emergency first aid kit, or ammo pouches. The Viewpoint shield is robust and capable of being carried by a single operator whilst providing team protection. The shield can be equipped with an optional wheelbase that enables the shield to be rapidly mounted and dismounted for fast deployment.


A modular ballistic shield system which provides police armed responders with increased levels of protection and high levels of mobility. This shield has been designed for ease of transportation, rapid deployment and ease of use. These shields can be used for individual officer protection or the shield can be assembled onto its wheel base and be ready for operational deployment in a matter of seconds. The Vixen shield area of protection can be increased or decreased to enable the operators to negotiate doorways and restricted spaces. Its modular wheelbase provides carriage space for vital team equipment. 


A rough terrain four wheeled extendable mobile shield unit with redundancy built into the ballistic window design that provides the operator with two separate ballistic windows. The composite armour has a multi-hit capability and minimises the risk of ricochet. Ajax is equipped with a four wheeled base unit that is optimised to provide maximum mobility in urban areas. Operator can negotiate hazards on the ground and can increase or decrease the area of shield protection whilst negotiating doorways and restricted spaces. This shield can be configured to suit the mission as a result of its unique modular and interchangeable design.

Rapid Intervention Shield (RIS)

Our RIS is a versatile hand-portable ballistic shield designed for operators conducting missions in highly dynamic environments where mobility and protection is key. This shield is available with different levels of ballistic protection up to and including NIJ III+ 7.62 x 39. Operational use is aided by ambidextrous hand grips for single handed use, adjustable forearm pad with trauma pack and weapon support cut-outs.

When under fire or the threat of attack every second counts and immediate cover and protection is top priority.

Our Modular Armour Protection Systems facilitate the rapid construction of various designs of protective emplacements, enabling mobile operations by fast response forces conducting counter insurgency, counter terrorist, and other rapid deployed operations. For more information on our Modular Armour Protection Systems, please download our datasheet.

Modular Armour Protection Systems (MAPS)

MAPS is modular, compact, and lightweight.

It can be easily moved into position and assembled by operators without any specialist tools or training. Providing cover from view and protection to operators from incoming small arms fire, and ballistic fragments.

MAPS provides a key role in secure areas whilst establishing temporary defensive positions such as sentry positions, check points and observation positions and enabling quick re-deployments to new locations.

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Ballistic protection

MAPS utilises the most advanced light weight armour technologies to achieve maximum protection without restricting the user’s ability to operate. To ensure maximum operational and cost efficiency, MAPS is supplied in either “Basic”, “Standard” or “Advance” ballistic levels as follows:

Ballistic protection level
Provides protection against handguns and pistols as well as 9mm sub-machine guns.
Provides protection against shotguns and multiple assault rifles armed with lead core 7.62 mild steel core and 5.56 lead core bullets.
Provides protection against multiple assault rifles armed with 5.56 steel core/tip ammunition. Advanced armour level can be achieved by a single shield independently or by folding the “Standard” shield configuration.
Modular and lightweight

MAPS has been designed and developed for safe and easy handling enabling the operators to break down the component parts for easy loading into helicopters, light utility vehicles and maritime craft. Its modular design enables creation of various types of protective emplacement by reconfiguring core components.

Ergonomically designed for manual handling

The system is ergonomically designed for manual handling enabling movement along narrow corridors and up stairways or ladders. All individual components are less than (44lbs) (20kg) to enable the handling of the system by even a single operator.

Easy and intuitive to assemble

MAPS is designed to enable easy assembly and operation. Requiring no specialist training; a short review of the installation instructions in the handbook is all that is required. The system only takes about five minutes to move into position and set up by untrained operators. Trained operators can deploy the system within less than a minute. The systems are self-supporting and do not require any additional fixings for them to stop and stand up to the effects of small arms fire.

Adaptability (flexibility in use)

The system is multi-role and can be used / deployed at road and Vehicle Check Points (VCP), entry control points, onboard ships and maritime craft, in port and dockside protection, within buildings, on adobe flat roofs, elevated watch towers (over-watch positions), escort control points etc.

Environmental protection and camouflage cover

The system can be equipped with Camouflage and Environmental Cover Assembly. It is designed with an open observation section thereby keeping the elements off the operators whilst they observe the assigned areas of responsibility.

Rapidly deployable and re-deployable

It can easily be manually handled into position by two operators.  On re-deployment the system can be loaded into a utility vehicle in less than five minutes. The systems are compact lightweight and can easily be packed onto a standard NATO pallet or easily transported within military light 4x4, utility vehicles, helicopters, and maritime craft and, if required, within a family size automobile.


SENTRY Modular Ballistic Protection

The SENTRY system is a rapidly deployable protective emplacement for police and military personnel operating in urban areas. It accommodates two operators and greatly enhances operational effectiveness and safety of the user / operators; multi-role and can be used / deployed at road and vehicle check points, entry control points, onboard ships in port and dockside protection and within or on top of buildings.

PEGASUS Protected Tripod Weapon Position

The PEGASUS system has been designed for rapid construction of defensive emplacements when employing tripod mounted weapon positions for military use and provides the user / operators with a defensive emplacement for a weapon position that takes only a few minutes to assemble or move to a new position. The system can be easily deployed on hard standings of docksides, urban areas or on maritime shipping as well as on soft grounds.

PROTECTOR Modular Protected Position

Protector is a dual use tactical defensive position for rapid deployment and whilst conducting security duties at temporary locations or during periods of heightened security threats.     

CITADEL Modular Protection

CITADEL has been designed to meet a requirement for internal areas such as trains, maritime craft; civilians can be placed within during times of very high threat and ongoing incidents. Also, for deployment with specialist police escort groups that escorts hazardous materials and a safe haven for up to 8 civilian staff in the event of a CT incident.

Key features
Modular and lightweight
Ergononmically designed for manual handling
Easy and intuitive to assemble
Adaptable (flexible in use)
Able to provide environmental cover (and camouflage) for the user /operators (using attachable weather sheet)
Rapidly deployable and re-deployable
Protected against defined ballistic threats
Weapon Safes for Cars (Vehicles)

In vehicle safety.

We design and manufacture bespoke vehicle weapon safes for the secure stowage of weaponry, ammunition and pyrotechnics. We work in close collaboration with specialist police firearms officers throughout all stages of each project to ensure the design satisfies their operational needs and ensures the safety of the host vehicle and its occupants.

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Discharge Cubes and Bags

Weapons check

We design and manufacture weapon discharge containers that enable specialist police officers to safely check weapons that come into their possession and to conduct load/un-load and make ready drills with their own weapons. For more information, please download our datasheet.

Proud to work with

We pride ourselves on providing solutions for leading national and global organisations.

Ballistic protection for naval and marine vessels.

We design manufacture and install tailor-made protection kits for your vessel or your high-speed marine craft. Full vulnerability analysis and the customers performance requirements are always considered when designing a protection solution. We offer complete project management for the design, manufacture and integration of armour protection solutions for naval and maritime applications.

We are agnostic when it comes to the raw armour material itself and can therefore offer customers truly optimised protection solutions. With an extensive understanding of the need for a balance between weight, level of protection, knowledge of the NATO STANAG and the customer’s operational imperatives, our engineers are actively engaged in designing, manufacturing, and installing applique armour kits for the protection of multiple defence and law enforcement vessels.

From the initial phone call, it was clear that this company wanted to help and wanted armed police units to have the best protection available.
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