A full range of solutions.

Force Development Services provide a full range of value added solutions enabling businesses to fulfil all of their needs. Please find below a list of the solutions we provide. If you have any questions, or would like more information, please do get in touch.

Prototype + volume Manufacturing

Made to measure.

Our solutions benefit from the fact that our designs process starts at the early concept stage and through active collaboration with our in-house engineering teams we have a comprehensive understanding of the entire manufacturing process. Our Group in-house capability comprises bespoke and low volume manufacture.

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Our in-house textiles team have built up considerable knowledge and expertise in the innovative use of textile materials. As well as manufacturing complex items that augment the performance of many of our tactical solutions in the field, our highly skilled team undertake the bespoke design and manufacture of fabric-based products for multiple defence, security, transport and emergency services organisations. With a reputation for delivering high quality, our team pride themselves on placing their customers front and centre and striving to make a difference.

Bespoke vehicle and containerised installations
Part- Task trainers

Purpose -made robust operational training environments, fully mobile.

Structures for immersive training systems

Backed by extensive operational experience, and client collaboration, we have used our knowledge of complex structures to design and manufacture bespoke simulator hardware.

Secure temporary armouries

Working with police and security customers, we have experience of providing fully secure and protected armoury solutions.

EOD command and control

Includes Explosive Ordnance Disposal command and control fit-out for a range of customised vehicle installations.

Explosive Ordnance transportation

We have experience of optimisation of transportation of unexploded ordnance, explosives and hazardous substances, with installation of ballistic containment chambers and associated specialist equipment.


Providing fully mobile ground control stations through to deployment platforms is an operational imperative. We are able to provide vehicle installation, modifications and builds, utilising our in-field proven ballistic protection experience.

Installation of drone deployment equipment

Providing fully mobile ground control stations through to deployment platforms is an operational imperative. We are able to provide vehicle installation, modifications and builds.

Scene of crime forensics

Increasingly SOC forensics are required to be deployed in vehicle environments that demand compliance with specialist standards. Utilising our proven operational police experience, we provide fully integrated and compliant vehicle and containerised installations


A range of covert operational requirements are supported by our technical teams, including fully installed command and monitoring stations, utilising our proven operational police experience.

Bespoke solution design

Because we understand that no one size fits all, our capability builds in problem-solving protocols into our design approach. We collaborate with customers and can develop a design for engineered solutions to meet specific requirements.

Proud to work with

We pride ourselves on providing solutions for leading national and global organisations.

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If you would like more information about any of our solutions, please contact us.