A full range of support.

Force Development Services provide a full range of support with all equipment supplied to customers worldwide. The company can provide the installation, training and spares support to meet the customers needs.

Our collaborative approach to teaming with customers, irrespective of their size and scale, provides them with unfettered access to our collective bank of subject matter expert knowledge and our technical advisory services.


From military and police protective equipment reviews, proof of concept analysis and solution architecting through to market testing and best practice advice, our team applies their decades of operational knowledge and experience to help customers solve difficult problems. At any one time, we can be surveying the condition of defensive positions on naval assets, defining technical specifications for combat readiness simulators, helping police forces define technical specifications for life saving ballistic protection equipment, providing ballistics and firearms training, or providing peer reviews on third party work. 

This is in addition to the extensive consultancy services offered by our sister company Enspire Solutions, acknowledged as an industry pioneer, helping clients worldwide protect against blast and ballistic threats. Contact us to establish how we can add value to your organisation.

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Consultancy and Training solutions

The importance of training is paramount for anyone involved in tactical operations. We have therefore developed a range of courses covering product use and maintenance and train the trainer. All training can be delivered at the customers facility. We also deliver specialist Recognition of Firearms and Explosives Training. Link to Tactical    

  • Product use and maintenance training
  • RFX - Recognition of Firearms and Explosives Training

Project Management

Our multidisciplinary line-up makes us ideally suited to work as project managers, from concept and design phase through to manufacture, delivery and installation. Our philosophy of collaboration with our customers throughout the entire project lifecycle has delivered countless successful outcomes. We pride ourselves on our ability to apply the principles of Prince2 and maintain a robust, but pragmatic, risk management methodology. A golden thread running through our company places the customer outcomes front and centre.


Full servicing packages are available for all our equipment. Frequency of servicing is tailored to your equipment, depending on the equipment owned and frequency of use. Vehicle systems and ladder packs are supported by user/operator handbooks containing information on the installation and the correct safe use of the equipment. We also offer an Aircraft Handbook that contains all height information of 35 different aircraft including the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747.

Recognition of Firearms and Explosives Training

RFX training courses are tailored to meet client’s specific requirements and include the recognition of firearms, their component parts as well as explosive devices. Our courses are a must for transport security operatives and are recommended for emergency services workers who could be called to incidents where either firearms or explosives are found or suspected.

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We pride ourselves on providing solutions for leading national and global organisations.

They have supported us at short notice when Ship's programmes have changed. They issued a very detailed report that will initiate a rollout plan to upgrade.
Timothy Heavysides
DES Ships, Maritime Combat Systems
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