Providing vital access when and where you need it.

Our Vehicle Borne Intervention Systems are specifically designed and developed in support of operations that involve reactive intervention by Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Hostage Rescue Units (HRUs,) and Counter Terrorist (CT) teams, especially where elevated tactical entry and rescue is mission critical. For more information, please download our datasheets:


Our systems are:

  • Modular and multirole. They are designed to answer various operational requirements specifically tailored to suit the individual needs of a particular team such as police, law enforcement agencies, security forces and first responder emergency services teams.
  • Designed for quick and easy configuration onto the host vehicle. The detachable and man handled designs allowed the user to assign the host vehicle for multiple roles and duties.
  • Easily integrated with our Modular Armour Protection System (MAPS) to provide the operators with a degree of zoned ballistic protection.
  • Bespoke integration onto a range of host vehicles such as Pick-up trucks, Commercial vans, armoured and non-armoured SUV’s and APC’s. Depending on the chosen vehicle platform, access can be achieved at heights greater than 8.5m.
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Operational capabilities
Buildings: 3rd / 4th floor window entry up to 7.5m

Using the combination of the Forward Assault Ramp and Tactical Assault Ladder the system is optimised to provide the user / operators with the direct intervention and assault onto 3rd and 4th stories and providing a safe and effective base for the forced Method of Entry (MOE) and assault teams.

Aircrafts – including 747 / 777 / A380 wide – bodied jets

The systems are optimised and designed for the tactical approach to aircraft (under wing approach from the rear) that have been taken over by an adversary.  This capability is facilitated using the ladder turntable deployment and a gantry that provides a safe and effective mounting platform for opening the aircraft doors during tactical entry.

Larger dual and single ramp VBIS

Our new larger dual and single ramp VBIS’ are for integrating onto an APC type vehicle or mounted onto a High-Capacity Pick Up truck such as the Ford F550 series. These systems have been specifically designed to satisfy the demand from customers who need to operate with teams of up to 15 officers. Our dual, side-by-side hydraulic ramps allow simultaneous elevated access at varying heights to give police, military and counter-terror forces enormous tactical advantage. Each ramp can be fully deployed more than 10m in height in 10 seconds.

Variations / Options / Add-ons

Forward assault ramp (FAR)

The FAR is a 2.7 metre lightweight ramp with safety handrails; manufactured from lightweight high-grade aluminium and non-slip grip meshing. The FAR is raised by manual gas assist bars and held into position with quick release locking pins or dual hydraulic rams. The FAR can be fitted with the Platform (FEP) for direct forward assault and entry. It is also used as the launch point for the Fast Rope System. The FAR can also be fitted with the Tactical Intervention / Assault Ladder (TAL) for direct forward assault to multiple storeys.

Tactical Intervention Ladder (TIL)

For tactical intervention/assault into buildings, the system is provided with modular fitment points for the TIL ladder (also known as TAL - Tactical Assault Ladder). Its maximum height capability is 5m when used directly from the ground.  When used mounted to the vehicle it has the maximum height capability of 8.5m. The TAL can be fitted directly to the main assault platform area of High-Capacity Pick-Up (HCPU) and for roof mounting onto the Roof Assault Platform (RAP) (or side assault), to the FAR for direct forward assault and to the Ladder Turn-Table Assembly (LTA).

Height adjustable frame (HAF)

The HAF is a gas-strut assisted height adjustable frame that allows the operators to pre-set the operational height of the Forward Assault Ramp (FAR). The HAF is mounted to the vehicle interface bracket by quick release pins. A hydraulic HAF is available with either a wired or wireless remote operation.

Side Mounted Ladder Platforms

For some tactical applications, the side mounted personnel platforms are utilised as standing points for operators on the side of the vehicle. 

Roof Assault Platform (RAP)

The Roof Assault Platform (RAP) is designed to interface and mount to bespoke vehicle interface brackets or support frame; it is modular in design providing the capability of easy storage and transportation when not mounted to the vehicle and yet the panels are lightweight for easy assembly once at the incident site.

Aircraft Gantry System (AGS)

For aircraft (and buildings) the use of the Tactical Assault Ladder (TAL) is enhanced with the gantry system.  This system allows the user operators to easily access the aircraft doors (including 747 rear doors that normally can’t be accessed by ladder entry due to the shape of the fuselage).

Ladder Turntable Assembly (LTA)

The LTA is a rotational device that provides the capability for rotating the ladder around 360 degrees.  This provides the user / operators with the capability of ladder entry onto an objective / target from any angle (i.e., the vehicle can approach at any angle to the target and the ladder can be deployed from angles to the left and right or direct forward).

Universal Bridging System (UBS)

The UBS has been designed as a multi-function platform for use from the top of the Forward Assault Ramp (FAR) or side mounting brackets fitted to the Roof Assault Platform or High-Capacity Pick-Up (HCPU) to create a gap crossing capability. The UBS is the width of the TAL and locates into the same interface points around the vehicle providing forward bridging from the FAR and side bridging from the RAP and HCPU.

Fast Rope System (FRS)

The Fast Rope System (FRS) is a modular frame assembly that can be fitted within minutes and provides the operators with the capability of quickly deploying over compound walls and fence lines.

TARGE Ballistic Shields

The Forward Assault Ramp of the VBIS is designed to locate the Modular Armour Protection System (MAPS) TARGE system. TARGE provides the operator with ballistic protection whilst dominating the area below (over a compound wall and barriers).

Vehicle platforms

We have fitted our systems to many different types of vehicle platforms. Platforms can be commercial soft skin or partially armoured or military Armoured Personnel Carriers. Please contact us if your preferred host vehicle platform is not listed below and we can easily advise.

High-Capacity Pick-ups [Armoured or non-Armoured]
Standard Pick-ups [Armoured or non-Armoured]
Land Rovers/Land Cruisers
Commercial vans [Transit type]
Armoured Personnel Carriers
Sedans [Armoured or non-Armoured]

In tactical operations rapid and safe access are watchwords.

Ladders are a key component of access tactics that can play an important part in successful operations. We are a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of specialised tactical ladders and have a proven track record for quality, lightweight construction, durability, and robustness. For more information, please download our datasheet.

Tactical Intervention Ladder (TIL)

Our ladders are in operational service in over 30 countries and designed for use directly from the ground or mounted from vehicles and operated from maritime craft.

Our ladders are typically used for tactical intervention and emergency response operations to access aircraft, ships, trains, trams, buses, coaches, and buildings. Tactical Intervention Ladders (TIL) are also known as Tactical Assault Ladders (TAL).

Manufactured from structural grade aluminium, our ladders incorporate a proprietary serrated rung pattern giving excellent grip to the operative even in adverse conditions and are finished in polyester powder coating.

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Operational capabilities
Police and Law Enforcement Agencies

An extensive range designed for use by police and law enforcement officers who are required to conduct operations in hazardous and challenging conditions. Our law enforcement ladders are designed for ground use and for mounting to intervention vehicles and ramps for hostage rescue and Counter Terrorist (CT) intervention operations.

Military Tactical and Urban Warfare Assault Ladders

Designed for the robust and challenging conditions associated with Counter Terrorist (CT) and urban warfare operations. The Military range is designed for dual use and equally effective when used in the ground role or when mounting to vehicles.

Maritime Boarding Ladders

A range of fixed and flexible ladders designed for use within the challenging environments found at sea and on major navigable rivers for use by maritime / river police, and military and marine boarding teams. 

Civilian Security, Search and Rescue

A range of maritime and land ladders designed for port authorities and security search teams who require ladders in specialised configurations for robust use that is beyond the safe and effective capability of standard commercial products.  Within this range is a nonconductive search ladder for search and rescue within areas that may have live or damaged electric cables present.

Force Entry Equipment

Providing vital access when and where you need it.

You need to be sure you can depend upon tactical equipment where missions depend on fast and efficient access. We can supply a range of heavy duty forced entry breaching tools, which are the ideal complement to our full range of tactical entry equipment.

Our breaching tools are designed by current serving SWAT Instructors. The range of equipment has been specifically designed to provide the quickest entry possible even to steel security doors. For more information, please download our datasheet, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Our in-house textiles team have built up considerable knowledge and expertise in the innovative use of textile materials. As well as manufacturing complex items that augment the performance of many of our tactical solutions in the field, our highly skilled team undertake the bespoke design and manufacture of fabric-based products for multiple defence, security, transport and emergency services organisations. With a reputation for delivering high quality, our team pride themselves on placing their customers front and centre and striving to make a difference.

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We pride ourselves on providing solutions for leading national and global organisations.

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