Transport Security


FDS has designed a number of solutions for the security and protection of people and assets whilst in transit. Our portfolio encompasses;


  • Equipment for security of passengers,  civilian workers, and cargo in the event of a terrorist attack


  • Protection and security of ports and counter piracy


  • Protection of Hazardous/Dangerous goods whilst in transit





FDS has a wide range of Ballistic protection solutions, known as MASS (Modular Armour Shield Systems) and MAPS (Modular Armour Protection Systems)




Is a unique rapidly deployable Armour emplacement solution which provides a protected position against ballistics.  The systems are lightweight, adaptable, ergonomic to handle and easily re-locatable.  These systems are primarily used in High Risk areas to provide a check point/ entry point and safe zones in areas such as, Airport Security, Dockside ports, Trains and Ships. Our systems offer a Citadel approach to providing an area where personnel can be easily protected whilst officers engage with the terrorist or armed criminal.


MAPS Mariner system offers rapid deployable ballistic protection which sits along the ships rail to protect against incoming attack whilst transiting through hostile waters.





These personal shields have been designed specifically for Firearms Officers to Tactically Advance into a major incident where they are dealing with a potential armed criminal, it allows for the officer to advance with protection and actively engage and respond. Our shields are lightweight, ergonomic and have been designed to be operated in confined spaces within buildings, ships, tunnels, aircraft, trains and underwater diving. Our Maritime Boarding Shields are buoyancy neutral for approaching targets from under water or on the officers back whilst climbing up or descending from a rope or ladder to a vessel, typically used for Anti-Piracy. They are easily stowed for rapid deployment. Various levels of ballistic protection are available for these shields. 






Rapid Access




FDS have an extensive range of Ladders which are designed for Transport Security Operatives.  The ladders come in numerous sizes and weights for Officers who are required to conduct operations in hazardous and challenging conditions. They are designed for single, dual or multiple personnel use and typically used for the tactical intervention and emergency response to gain entry into aircraft, ships, trains, trams, buses/coaches and building.


Our Maritime Boarding Ladder is used to tactically board ships as well as typical search and rescue operations.


FDS also make a Non Conductive Search Ladder for areas that may present an electricution risk