Ladder configurations

Multi-level (twin stile) combination Ladder with a WLL of 240kg at 75 degrees

For Law Enforcement Agencies, Military and Civilian Search and Rescue applications:


The ladders consist of a base and sliding section, to which different length sections can be added to, to form a longer ladder.  Complete with standard high grip rungs, nylon slides and Velcro locking straps. The additional sections are fitted with nylon separation channel connectors and locked with detent quick release pins.  


The Working Load Limit (WLL) is 240kg and they are produced as COTS products in black, gray, olive green, desert tan or orange. It has a maximum fully extended height of 6.25m and it is made up of the following five sections:


Ladder number 1 Base extension


Ladder number 2 Base section


Ladder number 3 Upper sliding section


Ladder number 4 First top section


Ladder number 5 Second top section


Ladder Size                             Part Number     Weight Kg


Standalone (0.39m width)       CAL3801            29.0


VBAS (vehicle mounted)

(0.39m width)                          CAL3802            29.0