24th January 2021 – Article written by Andy Swann, Strategic Campaign Lead.

I’ve recently been reading some very interesting material about Raytheon’s small, tube launched Coyote® Unmanned Air System (UAS) equipped with special software that enables several to work together by flying as a swarm. Such advancements in drone technology enables dozens of small, unmanned aircraft systems to fly collaboratively together, some collecting information, some identifying ground targets whilst others could be deployed to attack known targets. Like a flock of birds, they fly together tracking their positions and maintaining their relative positions in the air with a human operator directing the flock as a single entity.

Being an inquisitive sort, my thirst for knowledge informs me that new developments in software is allowing these platforms to work intelligently together in formations that can overwhelm adversaries and can fly into areas that are far too dangerous for service personnel. I find on the Raytheon Technologies web site they have a ground-breaking research contract from DARPA to develop AI tools that can control swarms of ground- and air-based drones through speech and gestures, truly fascinating stuff and congratulations to Raytheon for their Thought Leadership in this field. Such amazing advances in the maturation of these technologies amaze me and, as a former RAF Regiment Officer, I can see a huge change in the way military operations will be undertaken in the future. I realise how privileged I am to be part of a company involved in helping customers field drone and counter-drone systems as impactful operational capabilities. The Enspire Group of Enspire Solutions and Force Development Services provide a wide range of launch platform solutions for multiple drones and Counter-Drone systems.

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